About Specialized Collection Systems, Inc.

Our Mission Statement:

Specialized Collections Systems’ mission is to provide reliable, professional and results-driven debt collection solutions to the medical accounts receivable industry in an environment that allows patients to resolve their debt with dignity and respect.

Vision Statement:

To engage and revolutionize the debt recovery industry through provocative, innovative and disruptive approaches and mechanisms.

About Specialized Collection Systems, Inc.:

SCS remains a strong and steadfast pillar of the medical debt recovery industry since 1976; established and built on a firm and unwavering foundation of ethics, compassion, integrity and purpose.

SCS has proven to be a leading third-party medical debt recovery agency with decades of proven success in both recovery rates and client satisfaction. Our agency is results-driven and prides itself on continuously overcoming, adapting and evolving to an ever-changing world of compliance, technology and innovation in both the healthcare and the financial industries.

Purposefully led by a steady moral compass, we are strongly committed to serving our clients, patients and employees with the highest degree of respect and to providing positive experiences on a consistent basis.

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