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Don’t Leave Money on the table; let SCS find a solution that optimizes your practice’s recovery needs.

Specialized Collection Systems has spent decades developing techniques and methodologies that exceed the specific needs and expectations of the medical account receivables industry. Through various solutions, we custom-build our client’s product portfolio, making debt recovery easy, efficient, and effective.

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Third-Party Debt Recovery

SCS has decades of experience in the third-party medical collection arena. We employ high-quality technologies, build sophisticated data-analysis reporting systems and maintain intuitive knowledge of the industry through a tenured, professional, and compassionate team of employees.

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Account Consolidation

Designed to lower collection costs for our clients, account consolidation creates a seamless linking of accounts across the full spectrum of medical specialties. The linking of accounts provides a proven method for SCS to identify and recover any balance owed to our clients, regardless of size

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AI – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic and buzzword in today’s business world. Through the use of intelligent software platforms, patients have the option to speak with and make payments with our iBot. Known as Alex, our iBot never sleeps, speaks multiple languages and can simultaneously connect with an unlimited number of patients.

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BI – Business Intelligence

SCS has the advantage of a comprehensive collection platform with a central database that started in 1976. Our technical infrastructure allows for in-depth data mining and analysis, transforming normal collection reports into clear KPIs for our clients

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Debt Consulting Services

Our executive team of experts have been in medical collections since 1976. We have a unique perspective on the billing/recovery process from start to finish. We work with our clients as a part of their team and are always available to work through and develop new initiatives and processes that collectively advance all of our efforts.

services - Patient Payment Advisors

Bi-Lingual Patient Payment Advisors

Our Patient Payment Advisors are experienced in the intricacies of medical collections and billing. With an average tenure of 14.5 years with the organization, our bi-lingual team is well-trained to analyze account data, assist patients with understanding their bill and create customized solution plans.

services - Full Suite Payment Communication Channels

Full Suite Payment Communication Channels

A multifaceted approach to collecting allows patients to choose how they communicate with SCS. Offering all of the latest technologies, including e-mail, SMS text messaging, direct drop voicemails, and iBot communication, along with the tried-and-true methods of phone calls and postal services, exponentially increases and improves debt recovery, while also enhancing patient satisfaction.

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Account Audit Program

Is this truly bad debt? A question asked by many medical practices. SCS’s custom and unique ‘Audit Letter Program’ is like none other on the market. SCS can audit our client’s accounts before engaging in full collection efforts, which both lower risk and lowers costs and helps protect our client’s brand and reputation through enhanced patient satisfaction.

services - Customized-client workflows

Customized-Client Workflows

Working with SCS guarantees a customized collection workflow designed to compliment our client’s business model and needs. We create fast and easy processes for clients to refer their accounts to our agency – your file format, your account details – we do the legwork for you. 

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AR Clean Up and Recovery

It’s important to audit and clean up your Accounts Receivable operations on an ongoing basis. SCS can help keep your books clean, so you can ensure your processes and cash flow stay manageable. There is no risk to you with Specialized Collections Systems’s contingency fee schedule – let us show you!

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Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the first step to successful account resolution. Through advanced technologies, the experts at SCS can quickly find account details and historical information around specific individuals. Accessing a multitude of public and private repositories, SCS is able to identify, locate and connect with patients faster, allowing for a fast and expeditious recovery of debt as well.

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Credit Reporting

Checking credit history is standard practice for most households across the United States. Qualified bad debt is reported and updated on a weekly basis, allowing patients multiple and frequent opportunities to recognize their bad debt and improve their credit through tailored debt resolution plans.

Request a Strategy Session

Not sure where to start or what changes to make to your recovery strategy? Let’s do this together, we can help. SCS has the experience and expertise to help build a custom collection program to meet the needs of every client.

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