What Sets Us Apart From Other Collection Services

Patients are more likely to be confused by a bill they receive for medical services, compared to other common household bills and statements– especially when they don’t always “physically” see the physician that performed a service.

Oftentimes, medical bills arise from unanticipated events. Understandably, at the time of service, a patient’s frame of mind may be affected by anxiety or stress. Naturally, this can create confusion and additional strain when a bill is received. Among other scenarios, it is possible that the patient may simply not have money budgeted, the patient believes insurance should have covered more of the cost, or the patient is unaware of third-party services. When this happens, aggressive collections can do more harm than good for a healthcare provider—resulting in patient dissatisfaction, negative online reviews, and, ultimately, lower account recovery.

Our team at Specialized Collection Systems is here to help.

We stand firm on the philosophy that all patients should be treated with respect and dignity. SCS is not your typical collection agency – our goal is to be the communication and payment bridge between patients and their physicians. We strive daily for optimal recovery results with the highest patient satisfaction. At SCS, we utilize various collection services, focus on patient-friendly communication channels and allow our unwavering company values to be our beacon for success.

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Patient Payment Advisors:

Our Patient Payment Advisors (PPA) are the heart and soul of the organization. With an average tenure of over 14 years at SCS, our PPAs understand their role is to advocate for both the client and the patient. Our PPAs take the time to understand a patient’s financial situation, explain their account details and then walk them through various possible solutions. At the center of SCS’s core values is the golden rule of resolving accounts without disruption to a patient’s quality of life nor creating negative feelings towards the provider. As a result, PPAs are more helpful and compassionate than the heavy-handed collections specialists at other agencies.  All of our PPAs are bi-lingual and have decades of experience in the collections industry.

Customized Solutions:

SCS understands that adaptability is key in the ever-changing world of healthcare and finance.  We build strong relationships through our consultation services fostering collaborative partnerships that allow for custom solutions to fit unique needs. Not all client’s needs are the same, which is why we use a tailored approach when developing workflows and communication strategies for each client.

customized solutions healthcare collections
results driven success

Results Driven:

Ultimately, our clients rely on SCS to recoup revenue they have earned… and that remains our highest priority and driving force for all business decisions.  Our collection approach is unique, our approach is superior, and our approach works. SCS strives to exceed each client’s goals and expectations, increase revenue and recovery rates, and build strong synergistic relationships with every client.

Progressive Technologies

Our agency continuously strives to advance the medical collection industry and enhance the collection process and experience for patients.  We employ a wide range of business intelligent and artificially intelligent solutions in order to maximize our efforts and optimize our client’s recovery rates.

Through the utilization of emerging and advanced technologies, deep-dive data analytics, and revolutionary patient advocacy methods, we are able to ensure that we are driving our workflows in a manner that is optimal for each of our clients and their demographics.

progressive technology healthcare collections

Request a Strategy Session

Not sure where to start or what changes to make to your recovery strategy? Let’s do this together, we can help. SCS has the experience and expertise to help build a custom collection program to meet the needs of every client.

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