Advanced Security

Protecting client and patient data is crucial in the medical and financial industries.Yet, flexibility for clients and patients to access their data and work effectively is critical. In recognizing this important balance, and in order to secure client and patient information, SCS invests heavily in a variety of system infrastructures that integrate numerous data security components which reduce the risk of unauthorized users. The integration of a comprehensive range of data security components is paramount and provides layers of protection at all levels for system users, third-party vendors, regulatory environments and other key players.

Types of Data Protected Protection Strategies

SCS has a broad scope of policies covering employee requirements, data breach prevention and data encryption. SCS is strongly committed to safeguarding and protecting all restricted, confidential or sensitive data. Continuous research and analysis of operations enables SCS to effectively identify areas that could involve data sensitivity and proactively implement necessary policies to effectively minimize risk. Any individual with access to SCS systems or data uphold the highest standards of compliance.

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Types of Data Protected

PII – Personally Identifiable Information
PIFI – Personally Identifiable Financial Information
PHI – Private Health Information

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Protection Strategies

Risk Assessments
Authentication & Authorization
Back-Ups & Recovery
Location Securities 

*SCS is a registered Data Controller with the Information Controller, in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA).

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Not sure where to start or what changes to make to your recovery strategy? Let’s do this together, we can help. SCS has the experience and expertise to help build a custom collection program to meet the needs of every client.

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